Get The Best Dog Walking In LA

Your dogs need to be walked! That simply can’t change! They deserve their ‘me time’ for merely sightseeing and exercising. Especially for dogs, they need lots of training to keep them healthy and energized. We also understand that most pet owners don’t have much time in doing this ‘necessity’. It is possible that you are busy, or you plan to spend holidays for several days ahead.

This is our major concern. As the leading dog walking service in Los Angeles, California, we can ensure the most comprehensive dog walking services that fit the needs and budget of all homeowners.
Our company, “Dog’s Best Friend” has been in this business for years. We can ensure that your ‘best friends’ get what they deserve. Our staff is qualified and well-trained, as they are already experienced with dog walking and training.

Dog walking is not as simple as most homeowners thought before. Our well-trained staff knows well that dogs need the best place to walk, while they can play as their nature. This is the main reason, why your dog walking activity needs professionals like us. You don’t have to worry about how our staff treats your dogs because all the activities are recorded, so you can see their video and pictures. You can choose, whether you want to have your dogs trained in groups or private.

Special Features

We know that we are not the only dog walking service provider in Los Angeles, California. But, we can ensure that our services stand out among others. We can handle all kinds of dogs, from various breeds, sizes and ages. We are ready with long or short walks, whichever that your dogs need. We also take care of their potty training, especially for puppies and senior dogs. This is why, pet owners never worry about their dogs, because we take care of them perfectly.

What’s more, we also understand how injured or ill dogs should be taken care thoroughly. They need special treatment, while they still need regular walking to enhance their ability for recovery. Our staff know well about treatments for dogs with special needs. Our staff has experience caring for a variety of canines post-operative including after mpl surgery¬†or other orthopedic procedure.

Free Quotes

Pet owners can get free quotes from our 24/7 customer service, in order to get the best service that relates to their dogs’ specific needs, whether they need regular walking, dog sitting and even potty training. There is no hidden fee because details are explained clearly in the free quotes. All clients should do is fill the inquiry form in our website, and the customer service will respond in less than 24 hours.

However, we welcome all clients for open consultation. Our staff is willing to visit each client’s house. We need to meet directly with our ‘four-legged clients’, in order to get to know them better. We also need to know about dogs’ breeds, health records, and details about them. We would like to inform requirements and details about our comprehensive dog walking services.

Love and Care

Dogs need special treatment. Though we are not their owners, we still can provide the love and care that they need. Even if we only spend a short time when we are walking with them around the block. We ensure cleanliness for the dogs and the area that we have passed by. We also provide proper foods or snacks, just in case owners don’t provide them.

Our company keeps all dogs carefully as we avoid any possibility that can cause accidents. Just in case the dog suffers from any accident, we take full responsibility by giving the fastest and the best medical treatment to ensure the dog’s safety and recovery.

Once we are finished with the dog walking service, we are ready with details of reports through emails, so pet owners know about their dogs development. This is our special feature that allows clients to stay updated with their dogs’ latest condition, in which we always provide open consultation for clients, without any exception.

Why Wait? Contact us for further details about our services and you can notice that our dog walking services are truly dependable. You are welcomed to make comparisons among other similar services in Los Angeles, California and you can prove them yourself. We ensure 100% money-back guarantee, just in case there are unexpected results. We are also ready with customized dog walking services, based upon clients’ request.